Monday, January 4, 2010

Exodus - Altered Boy

Another beautiful song by Exodus.

Unholy pedophile
Preying on the innocent
Protected by the papacy
So called men of enlightenment
Children fingered by the hand of God
Raped in the name of Christ
They took a vow of chastity
Yet have torn asunder so many a life

Chickenhawks of the Catholic Church
Out to save and destroy
They have become the preist of burden
And he's become an altered boy

Men so benevolent
In a position of trust
Molesting children by the score
Rendering young life straight into the dust
They're curch is their Golgotha
Their crucified by the priest
Child becomes the victim
Holy Father becomes the beast

(Repeat chorus)

Multi-million dollar payouts
Restitution for their crimes
This vile sickness
Cut so many down in their prime
All the bishops and the cardinals
Tried to hide it away
In the parish and cathedrals
The predators come to prey

(Repeat chorus)

Also listen: Exodus - Children of a Worthless God

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Alexis! said...

Very interesting lyrics, I'll have to give this a listen later on.

tuwxyz said...

Check Angtoria - God Has a Plan for Us All.
You can find it here:

Distorted Dreams said...

@ Blogger
You should check this one too.
Very similar lyrical theme.
"Bless me father
For you've sinned against me
It's been one week
since you've raped me
holy Father, your spirit inside me
Holy Father, robbed my virtue
Holy Mary, mother of Christ
The fruit of thy womb has poisoned me
Father, you're not a father
Rapist, selfish taker of youth
The fires you cast out
I promise you for eternity
Our father who aren't in heaven
Inside of me, my soul is lost
My manhood, so miniscule, was stolen
The Rosary has gripped tight around my neck
I hailed Mary...Over and over again
You've failed Mary
You've raped Mary...Over and over again
You've walked beside me, but I was alone
You've walked on top of me, crushing me
My innocence and my emotions
Were wiped away and you didn't care
You just hid behind your collar
The hardest time, I was helpless
And it was too late, much too late
Touch me I'm warm, but not alive
Feel my hot breath, but I'm not living
Dead inside, Alone forever
Father why...Father why
Father, you're not a father
Rapist, selfish taker of youth
The fires you cast out
I promise you for eternity "

wirraroo said...

This is a fine blog, but this is the antithesis of music...whatever else it is... I'm an atheist, but I could comprehend belief in the divine if it was based on the premise that Bach's music was thus inspired.
Thanks for ebooks, videos etc. but,just as God does not exist, there is no such thing as atheist music.

BlindW@cher said...

Then you are in a big delusion and ignorance. Of course there is no such category as atheist music, as well as there are no atheist movies! But if you search the blog, you'll see some atheist musicians who use the atheist themes in their music, except the metal bands using the anti-religious phrases.

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