Friday, January 8, 2010

The "God" Part of the Brain - Matthew Alper

"The Atheist's Bible!"
Bob Worthington

First published in 1996, this is a minimally revised new edition of Alper's manifesto against belief in God. Beginning with philosopher Kant's supposition that humans cannot know a reality beyond their perception of reality, Alper uses his vast research into scientific phenomenon to build a case that humanity's perception of a spiritual realm is, in fact, the biological result of thousands of years of evolution. Alper writes that this is "'nature's white lie', a coping mechanism selected into our species to help alleviate debilitating anxiety caused by our unique awareness of death." Alper's theory is elegantly drawn, and he shows an admirable grasp of a wide range of scientific disciplines. Publishers Weekly

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Mattia Paoli said...

Thank you :)

john said...

hai,, tq for this information..:)

Anonymous said...

Please upload all books to mediafire. It is easy to download from this site. From rapidshare or megaupload is about impossible. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the crazy person above. Rapidshare is awesome for free users. But now that MU is dead, you could replace those links with MF, it is a good host.

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