Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Jihad for Love (2007)

New York Times

"I was terrified. I received 100 lashes in an hour. My mother was notified that I was lashed. When I took off my shirt, she cried. Because of her, I left. I didn't want her to suffer and see my pain anymore."

Being different than others, and to confront the community pressure are not always easy. Especially if you are a gay in a Muslim country such as Egypt or Iran you have to face the fact that you may have jail sentence, be tortured or be punished by death for the homosexual act. According to the Islamic law, a homosexual should be thrown from a mountain or stoned to death. Ibn Abbas, Muhammad's cousin, reports how homosexuals were punished in Muhammad's period: "If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done" (Abu Dawud no. 4447)

A Jihad for Love dares to be the voice of the silenced ones and tells the struggles of gay/lesbian people from Egypt, Iran, India and so on. Some decided to get marry with a woman, some leaved their country to avoid the death penalty, some risked to be away from their home and chose to be a refugee to live with their real identities.

This is their tragic story.

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