Monday, January 4, 2010

Myths and Masks of God: Joseph Campbell Audio Collection

Myths and Masks of God consists of Joseph Campbell's recorded lectures in a 40-hour-series. The master storyteller and teacher Campbell discusses the symbolic meanings and functions of myths starting from the story of Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis and explores the sources of divine images in Western and Eastern religions and the roots of religious, spiritual, mythic symbols such as crucifix and mudra.

1. Interpreting Symbolic Forms
2. Mythic Visions
3. Experiencing the Divine
4. History of the Gods
5. The Religious Impulse

File Size: 134 MB
Format: MP3, 64kbps

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RevolutionaryBum said...

Big thanks for this post! Joseph Campbell is so mesmerizing and I wish he'd been my uncle :D I haven't heard this yet so thank you very much for the info, mucho appreciated!

mirex said...


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