Friday, January 22, 2010

Unintelligent Design: Why God Isn't as Smart as She Thinks She Is - Robyn Williams

Providing a humorous argument against creationism, this witty book debunks popular theories of intelligent design while showing how science can explain nearly everything, including sinus pain, hedonism, hernias, and morality. This critique of conservatism is supported by concrete scientific evidence and uses clever syllogisms to ask Why make the earth, the solar system, our galaxy, and all the rest when the Garden of Eden was all that was wanted? and If man is made in God’s image, does God ever get a back ache? Contending that intelligent design is a political movement that limits intellectual freedom, this book will fuel the current debate among fundamentalists, scientists, politicians, and the rest. Amazon

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File size: 11 MB
Format: pdf

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Albert Ip said...

please review and share my booklet: Letter to Thinking Christians (

Andrew Clunn said...

Bad choice of titles. By referring to God as a she it's obviously tongue in cheek from the get go, and exposes a certain political perspective that will alienate any who are not already converts. But then again this book seems to be more for those already in the know than those who believe in intelligent design. but it's clearly also didactic... Which leaves me wondering what it's for because it's never going to reach an audience that could have their opinions changed by reading it (Especially since it resorts to insulting them)... Maybe I'm just over thinking this?

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