Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BBC Horizon - Parallel Universes

Scientists believe that our universe is a part of the multiverse which contains infinite number of parallel universes. Other universes have different laws of physics and everything can be possible beyond the wildest imagination of a science fiction writer.

Aired February 14, 2002 on BBC Two.

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ihedenius said...

This one is on youtube in six parts.


derreck said...

Hi Mr/Mrs/Miss atheistmovies :)

This isn't a comment about this video btw - I just didn't know where else to post to :/

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because I'm trying to find a BBC Horizon documentary called "Ecstasy & Agony" which aired on 15 Feb 2001.

(More info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2000/ecstasyagony.shtml )

It tells the story of a young man who suffers from Parkinson's Disease - who by chance discovers that by taking the drug ecstasy (MDMA) he is no longer restricted by the debilitating effects of the disease and can in fact move freely. The programme is both intensely interesting and touchingly heart-warming.

Now, I know this isn't an "atheistic" subject so to speak, but it is very interesting, and... um, I can't find it anywhere (except for the DVD hard copy, here: http://www.bbcactive.com/BroadCastLearning/asp/catalogue/productdetail.asp?productcode=21475, for sale at £195 - approx $300!... like, WTF!? lol)

Which is where I was hoping you could come in.

While I understand that there almost certainly isn't a version of it online - I was thinking that maybe you'd know of some fellow documentary addicts who perhaps have a copy and could upload it - or maybe they know someone who knows someone, etc... or maybe even you can just put the word out... OR EVEN PERHAPS... you'd know of a website/forum/whatever that would be a better place for me to ask.

So yea, there you have it - I'd be over the moon and obviously very appreciative if you could help in anyway - but if not... No worries, I guess I'll just have to keep on looking.

Fingers Crossed and Cheers.

derreck said...

Hi, just me again :D

Guess what... I thought I'd give it one more try before bed by searching on filestube.com, and...


Or rather links to the files on RS

Here they are if you're interested:



So yeah, you can disregard my previous message, and thanks anyway.

zero said...
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