Monday, March 1, 2010

Richard Dawkins on Elders with Andrew Denton

Andrew Denton interviews with Richard Dawkins and asks how he started to doubt the existence of God in his teen years (yeah, you can see the childhood photo of Dawkins, too).

Aired December 21, 2009 on ABC.

Complete name : ABC.Elders.With.Andrew.Denton.Richard.Dawkins.mp4
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 276 MiB
Duration : 27mn 56s


freakclub said...

Andrew Denton ruined this interview with a bunch of stupid questions, like "How do you define...blah blah...?" It the end it sounds like a showbiz talk show, rather than an intellectually engaging conversation.

psybermonkey said...

Agreed. However I can see his motive for asking such questions. He was trying to unveil a more personal side of Dawkins instead of the scientific side, which as you saw is nearly impossible with a man like himself. :)

It's kind of ironic though that Dawkins responded by saying "you can look it up in a dictionary," because it was himself who's said in the past "Dictionaries don't define words, they just give you the common usage."

heethen said...

That was the most awkward interview I've ever seen.

Harry said...

I like Andrew Denton's work as a rule, but this was a train wreck. Landing an interview with Richard Dawkins is a great opportunity, but in my humble view it was wasted. To try and be constructive, maybe Denton should have had some backup questions in case his "personal" experiment didn't work.

Derek_M said...

I have a request, the complete interview Dawkins had with Wendy Wright has disappeared from youtube and I can't find it anywhere. If you could provide this for download it would be much appreciated.

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