Saturday, April 3, 2010

Not the Impossible Faith - Richard Carrier

Dr. Richard Carrier is an expert in the history of the ancient world and a critic of Christian attempts to distort history in defense of their faith. Not the Impossible Faith is a tour de force in that genre, dissecting and refuting the oft-repeated claim that Christianity could not have succeeded in the ancient world unless it was true. Though framed as a detailed rebuttal to Christian apologist J.P. Holding (author of The Impossible Faith), Carrier takes a general approach that educates the reader on the history and sociology of the ancient world, answering many questions like: How did Christians approach evidence? Was there a widespread prejudice against the testimony of women? Was resurrection such a radical idea? Who would worship a crucified criminal? And much more. Written with occasional humor and an easy style, and thoroughly referenced, with many entertaining "gotcha!" moments, Not the Impossible Faith is a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of Christianity. Amazon

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AIGBusted said...

I wish you hadn't posted this. Richard is selling a very cheap copy of this book as a download here:

I think it is important for us to support authors like him. So why steal from him? Let people pay the two-fifty to get the book. It'll be worth it.

N said...

Does anyone else think it's funny that most of the Google Ads are for religious crap?

Anonymous said...

The link in the previous post is kind of old and does not work anymore (was posted in April 2010). I found his book on Lulu at the following updated URL for $2.50:

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