Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism - Ardea Skybreak

"... of tremendous benefit to many, especially those in the teaching profession where there are frequent opportunites to defend science against the ridiculous assertions by religious zealots and fundamentalists."
—Richard Leakey

"[Uses] the errors of help explain and contrast the principles of evolutionary biology. It's fascinating."
—PZ Myers, Pharyngula

In today’s world, without the science of evolution there would be no science. Written for both the scientifically-minded as well as those who are not familiar with science at all, this book details the facts of the science of evolution. In one engrossing volume Ardea Skybreak looks at the diversity and complexity of life on this planet and how all life, including humans, evolved. She examines the many different lines of mutually reinforcing evidence that support and confirm the biological theory of evolution. At the same time, Skybreak dissects the myth of Creationism and the lies behind the thinly-veiled religiosity of Intelligent Design. There’s urgency in this book. It comes at a time when evolution—and the very definition of science—is under concerted attack by religious fundamentalists, with backing from the highest levels of government. The reader will come away with a deepened appreciation of the beauty and wonders of nature, as well as an understanding of the basic scientific facts of evolution and a clear sense of why science and a scientific method make it possible to determine what’s real—and why knowing what’s real profoundly matters. From the product description

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Mattia Paoli said...

Thank you :)

SShendeR said...

Solid science marred by political (Marxist) diatribes. Perfect ammo for crazy-ass creationists to claim that acceptance of Evolution leads to communism and is responsible for Stalin and Mao (whose perges the author seems to deny...)

BlindW@cher said...

The book is about neither Marxism nor communism, so how could this lead stupid creationists to Stalin and Mao (cliche), I don't see the point. There are lots of leftist scientists such as Richard Lewontin by the way, and I'm sure they have still credibility! Your words (and previous ones) are a proof of pure ignorance again, and this is a shame for atheist community and worse than any creationist mambo jambo.

SShendeR said...

I don't care what the scientist's political affiliation is so long as he/she steer clear of it in their scientific writings. Unfortunately for her readers, the author's explicit Marxist views are nothing but subtle: she wears them very clearly on her sleeve, and uses them to make outrageous statements and ludicrous hyperbole that ranks with the worst of Kent Hovinid or Jack Chick. She gets the science right, but she makes the mistake of using it to justify preconceived political views, something which no responsible scientist does. When she starts denying Mao's purges, she demonstrates either complete historical ignorance, or complete moral vacuity. This is the type of book the lunatic creationist fringe will embrace in order to push their idiot notion that evolution is somehow a "communist plot", Lysenko be damned. Worse yet, it will only serve to turn away those who most need to be informed about evolution and the scientific method.

Jorge Andrés said...


Mattia Paoli said...

To Jorge:
here's a working link:

BlindW@cher said...

MU link is working fine, only Rapid was down. I uploaded to FS also.

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