Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BBC - The Story of Science (Episode 1 of 6) What Is Out There?

There are some great questions that have intrigued and haunted us since the dawn of humanity. What is out there? How did we get here? What is the earth made of? The story of our search to answer those questions is the story of science. In this six part series Michael Mosley tells how history made science and how science made history.

The first program explains how the fall of geocentric model changed our vision of the universe forever and how 17th century discoveries influenced politics and history.

Aired April 27, 2010 on BBC Two.

Other episodes: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Complete name : The.Story.of.Science.Power.Proof.and.Passion.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-SFM.mkv
Format : Matroska
File size : 1.46 GiB
Duration : 59mn 15s



1 comment:

landunter said...

thanks for providing this here.

i'd like to add some humble opinion of mine regarding the way they present popular science today, may i? thanks.

issue is not so much the particular "narrator" here, but the general idea broadcasts nowadays handle these presentations: take anyone decent enough educated, and able to utter few lines of speech, fly him (or be it her) from london to prague from prague to venice from venice to yorkshire. and you name it. "crime scene" investigation. let that people have their ego trips - wow! how subtle and cool and witty can i do this! or is it the screenplay that urges 'em to act like this? makes no difference: this is ridiculous and insults my ability to judge facts presented as facts, without some idiot presenter.

i mean, one can live with footage having an attenborough, sagan, featured prominently. people that really stand for what the message is, almost being part of. but spend thousands of dollars production cost (the companies get it back though, no doubt, from people eating this) to let have random vain journalist's having their mediocre show?

pardon me, but this comes as an annoyance here. spoiling the fun i have with being taught thoughts new (or just brought somewhat fresh) to me.

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