Friday, May 21, 2010

Muhammad's Worst Enemy

Draw Muhammad Day creates its first art.

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Anonymous said...

This grossly misrepresents the historical figure Muhammed who was a warlord of his time. According to Tabari (A scholar who lived 100 years after Muhammed and has written extensively about him), Muhammed killed every inhabitant above 10 in a city he had conquered on at least one occasion and also quite famously "married" a 6 year old and the wife of the ruler of a town he had conquered and whom he had, just hours before the "marriage" tortured to death. So I am not happy with that picture of a mass murderer and rapist.

I am serious. I the artist in that video had drawn Ted Bundy that way people would be appalled and the joke is that Muhammed, just the historical figure, was far worse than any serial killer you could find.

Can anyone imagine a picture like that of pope Urban II (who started the crusades) or pope Alexander III (who started the Inquisition) drawn by an Atheist? No way. But the Atheist community has developed such a high level of "respect" for Islam that saying anything bad about it or any part of it has become almost heretical.

And I am aware that some people who read this will think that I am just an Islam hater or a fundamentalist Christian, but I am not. I am an Atheist and just feel that this kind of non-criticism is against the idea behind the "Draw Muhammed day" and generally a betrayal of the principle of honesty in representation and discussion of religion.

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