Friday, May 21, 2010

Q&A: God, Science and Sanity

"The absolute morality that a religious person might profess would include what, stoning people for adultery, death for apostasy, punishment for breaking the Sabbath. These are all things which are religiously based absolute moralities. I don't think I want an absolute morality. I think I want a morality that is thought out, reasoned, argued, discussed and based upon, I'd almost say, intelligent design." - Richard Dawkins

A panel centered on atheism, God and spirituality. The panelists are Minister for Agriculture Tony Burke, psychiatrist Patrick McGorry, Rabbi Jacqui Ninio, Richard Dawkins, senator Steven Fielding and Australian politician Julie Bishop.

Aired March 8, 2010 on ABC.

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1 comment:

Ross said...

Tony Burke spoke well, but I was disappointed with Senator Steven Fielding.

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