Monday, May 17, 2010

The Stoning of Soraya M. (2008)

"The world will know what happened here!"

The film based on a true story takes us to Iran and tells the story of an ordinary village woman who falsely accused of adultery by his husband. Just one day after her execution, a French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam visits the village and he becomes the last hope of Soraya's aunt to carry the truth to out of the village. The Stoning of Soraya M. took place two decades ago, but what happened to Soraya is still happening today, rajm, capital punishment in Islam is still there. The story is simple, yet important. The details tell more than words can tell. It also portrays very well how patriarchy along with religious hypocrisy can be used against women who are only worthless beings in the eyes of men. The long, gruesome stoning scene is hard to watch, but each stone generates another feeling within the viewer, and Soraya's realistic reactions make the scene unforgettable.

Soraya's last song:

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Simko said...

I am an Kurdish Atheist living in north-west of Iran.

I am begging you guys to show the world how evil Islamic practices are. Here is a clip of stoning and other Islamic punishments including cutting of hand.

I remember when I was a child (10 - 12 years old), my whole city was alarmed to participate in viewing stoning of a woman for fornicating with his lover (stoning for love making outside marriage).

They called the whole city to watch it done regardless of its affect on children.. :'(
Why did they call everyone to see stoning? To scare rest and to remind them what the punishment will be if they do the same...

WARNING: Very explicit and violent content:

Dear atheistmovies, please reach our voice to world and let them know what an ugly situation we live in. :)

freakclub said...

Religion is and always has been detrimental to the progress of mankind. We must always take every opportunity to expose the myth and stupidity inherent in any religious beliefs.

"Let us crush the infamy!" - Voltaire

Paul said...

I suppose the terrible thing in all of this is that there are people who will defend her death as "cultural" and not for what it is: an oppressive regime predicated on fables.

Rich Hehd said...

WTF? People still use multiple links for meagaupload? You do know you can upload up to a 1gb file right..? idiot. Making things harder than they need to be.

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