Friday, June 25, 2010

Channel 4 - Christianity: A History

"According to David (an Anglican priest) all of these fundamental tenets of Christianity, virgin birth, resurrection, life after death, did not happen at all. Seems to me that David's version of Christianity is virtually atheism. Science provides the facts about the world, religion gives us the music, the pictures, and tells the stories of human nature."

Christianity is now almost 2000 years old. It has been transformed from a small Jewish sect in the Middle East to the biggest and most influential religion in the history of mankind. In this series, the eight different commentators deals with the different aspects of Christianity.

This is the story of the origins and consequences of Christian belief, antisemitism, bloodiest wars and a great hegemonic movement against the reason.

Scientist Colin Blakemore visits a creationist museum

Episode 1 - Jesus the Jew

Episode 2 - Rome

Episode 3 - Dark Ages

Episode 4 - Crusades

Episode 5 - Reformation

Episode 6 - Dark Continents

Episode 7 - God and the Scientists

Episode 8 - The Future of Christianity

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