Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist Chemistry Teacher Nick Cowan

Richard Dawkins meets a creationist who teaches chemistry in a major British school. Guess what is he thinking about the age of the Earth?

The full video (low quality) also available on Dailymotion.

A short clip from the interview:

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Duration: 18m


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Joseph said...

what a 'mong'

LesbianHam said...

He works for my old school organisation, back in the 80s teachers were employed as Christians first and teachers second. I hope this discrimination no longer continues. I did here in one lesson "We are not here to teach maths, we're here to save souls."

Kevin said...

Nick Cowan was my chemistry teacher in school. He is so wrong about this it is unbelievable. He was heavily in volved with Bible study groups at Bluecoat but they were always very small. The "God Squad" was never more than 9 or 10 members for the whole school. He is a lunatic no doubt but if he did mention creationism in the classroom we ignored it because I don't remember it happening. We knew he was a religious nut. He was, I have to say, a very nice man but seems to have gone more radical over time. Interestingly the previous head of chemistry at Bluecoat Duncan Perkins was also a strong christian who played organ in church and was fired for having an affair with a 16 year old female student. They were friends.

Anonymous said...

LesbianHam: Mr Cowan was my old Chemistry teacher in the 80's, both before he 'discovered' religion and afterwards. He was a great Chemistry teacher and was most certainly NOT employed as 'a Christian first' since he wasn't one when he got the job. That's not to defend the Nick Cowan I see here, just to point out that he wasn't always this much of nutjob.

Anonymous said...

RD:"Let me just confirm this: you are a teacher of science in a major British School, and you think that the Earth is less than 10.000 years old?"

Religious Nut:"Yes, I do."

RD:"Thank you!"


getho said...

Like anonymous He was my chemistry teacher before and after his epiphany. Nice chap, great chemistry teacher, charismatic. Loved to blow things up. Passionate about science, and then pAssionate about god. Truly curious why Christians need to be at war with science. Where in the new testamant is there an instruction to take the old tested ant so seriously. Jesus, you don't get Jews taking the old testament literally, why should Christians? I'm genuinely fascinated by this and by the snug fit between Christianity and the conservative right, seemingly in contradiction of their prophets core teachings. Mind you the dogmatic and arrogance of Dawkins is hardly non-confrontational

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