Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dogma of Christ - Eric Fromm

"Fromm's The Dogma of Christ will perhaps be a title ignored by the anti-religious psychologist and social theorist, but it is the message hidden behind its title that provides some of the sharpest critical insights into how the contemporary world of human destructiveness and violence can no longer separate religion, psychology and politics. Erich Fromm today is a prophetic voice crying in the wilderness of neo-liberal ideology."
—Jeremy Carrette, University of Stirling

A little known collection which deserves a much wider readership, this reissue of The Dogma of Christ will enhance an already great man's reputation. In the title essay, Erich Fromm uses the tools of psychoanalysis to examine the development of the dogma of Christ in the context of social history. The remaining essays examine psychological and cultural problems with keen insight and humanistic sympathies. Amazon

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