Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Evolution Is - Ernst Mayr

"What Evolution Is will be an ideal text in a course on evolution for non-biologists. Palaeontologists and anthropologists will welcome this book because of its emphasis on concepts and explanations. Ernst's lucid writing makes the subject of evolution accessible to any educated layperson."
Jared Diamond

At age 97, Ernst Mayr is one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, and here he delivers yet another valuable addition to the field of evolutionary theory. Mayr, who was also a curator at the American Museum of Natural History for two decades, guides lay readers through evolutionary thought from the book of Genesis and creationist theory through Darwin's theories and "soft" evolution and on to more contemporary, inclusive concepts. He takes readers on a whirlwind voyage from the scala naturae (the Great Chain of Being, in which everything in the world was accorded a position in a developmental hierarchy) to Mayr's own work, which builds on Darwinian theory and environmental factors. No one but Mayr could explain evolution so well, and though the text is peppered with many scientific terms, overall the author is triumphant in his goal to teach "first and foremost... biologist or not, [anyone] who simply wants to know more about evolution." Publishers Weekly

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