Friday, August 20, 2010

Richard Dawkins' Age of Reason - Faith Schools Menace? (2010)

In this recent Channel 4 feature, Richard Dawkins continues his battle against religious dogma discussing indoctrination of children and the divisive aspect of faith schools.

Also watch: Richard Dawkins' Age of Reason - The God Delusion (2010)

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Željko Tadić - zike said...

I like the very last line of this video with Richard Dawkins finishing words: "And you are the one who wants to be a doctor?".
This sumarizes what this is about. People finish schools to be doctors without a knowledge what evolution really is, and they are supposed to treat us against illness, and we are about to trust them that they will do their job right.
But how can we be sure that they will do their job right when lacking the very basic knowledge about evolution?

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