Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BBC - The Case for God? (2010)

The Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks challenges four intelligent persons, the novelist Howard Jacobson who says God probably doesn't exist, the philosopher Alain de Botton who doubts that any one faith has the truth, neuroscientist Colin Blakemore who believes that we don't need faith to explain everything, Professor Lisa Jardine who questions why God allows evil and suffering in this world. It's especially worth watching for Howard Jacobson and Colin Blakemore's arguments against the Chief Rabbi.

Broadcasted September 6, 2010 on BBC One.

File Name ..........: The Case for God - BBC -06-09-2010.avi
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freakclub said...

In this series of interviews of atheists by the Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Colin Blakemore provided the most fascinating and marvelous answer to the Rabbi Sacks. Worth to listen to again and again. Wonderful!

hceeler said...

youtube links for the program

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