Saturday, September 11, 2010

Black Death (2010)

Middle-ages, pestilence, witchcraft and religion. The Catholic Church sent a group of soldiers and a young monk to a distant village to find heretics. But when the company arrived the village, the good and bad become uncertain. The Christian Crusaders are depicted as killing machines, they slaughter everyone who is against their faith, on the other hand the pagans are beautiful and charming but in the end their tricky natures reveal. So the story doesn't take sides, and it is open to interpretation: religion can be harmful in the hands of bad people, or religion itself is already bad for these people? The decision is yours. Lastly, the acting and visuals are top-notch and Sean Bean gave another great performance.

WARNING: Contains heavy spoilers!

File name: Black.Death.2010.DVDRip.AC3.X264-BARC0DE.mkv
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landunter said...

thanks, great atmospheric movie: pagans torturing chrstians for "to renounce" - lord that's rich.

More than Flavio said...

Thank you for posting this. Great movie. Men and the sick religious believes.

RevolutionaryBum said...

Am I imagining it ? or is there an influx of movies lately expounding the myth of christianity ? Devil, The last Exorcist, Legion, And of course the 2012 doomsday BS ! Plus the History Ch.,Nat GO Channel, even The Science channel are all airing on a regular basis similar garbage. Not surprising that Rupert Murdock owns a coupe of those channels. There seems to be a well funded and purpose driven agenda at work and it seems to be working. The great dumbing down of America has been in the works for decades but it feels as though it has been shifted into high gear of late...

Betty said...
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