Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The End of God?: A Horizon Guide to Science and Religion

Dr Thomas Dixon takes us on a journey through Horizon programs and presents a retrospective of the conflict between science and belief. We see familiar faces again such as Ken Miller, Richard Dawkins and Colin Blakemore.

I certainly didn't like the final message of the program which says that science and religion are not so much different because there are still uncertainties in science field. It promotes brain activities that occured during the spiritual experiences as a proof of the existence of a higher being and claims that we need religion for meaning and purpose. So be prepared.

Broadcasted September 21, 2010 on BBC Four.

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Željko Tadić - zike said...

This video here looks promising. I don't get an impression that the conclusion would be that science and religion are not so much different, but I will watch the whole episode to see about that.

Another thing I would complain about (based on the piece here) is that religion is shown from the cristian perspective, (even though in few shots they showed mosques). I hope that the rest of the video is not limited only to christian views.

Anonymous said...

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