Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nomad: From Islam to America - Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Audiobook)

"This woman is a major hero of our time."
Richard Dawkins

Hirsi Ali tells the stirring story of her search for a new life in America in this vivid philosophical memoir, picking up where Infidel left off.

Nomad is a portrait of a family torn apart by the clash of civilizations. But it is also a touching, uplifting, and often funny account of one woman's discovery of today's America. While Hirsi Ali loves much of what she encounters, she fears we are repeating the European mistake of underestimating radical Islam. She calls on key institutions of the West - including universities, the feminist movement, and the Christian churches - to enact specific, innovative remedies that would help other Muslim immigrants to overcome the challenges she has experienced and to resist the fatal allure of fundamentalism and terrorism. Amazon

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File size: 528 MB
Format: Unabridged/MP3, 96 kbps/Read by the author

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