Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Through the Wormhole (2010)

Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole series tries to find answers for essential questions about our existence and the universe, and brings together the experts from different fields.

It's nice to listen some nonbeliever scientists but most of the time it is brought into question "well-balanced universe" but I think this only helps to boost teleological argument. And I hate to see this ridiculous "God helmet" thing in science documentaries. I don't understand how can this prove God?


Episode 1 - Is there a Creator?

Episode 2 - The Riddle of Black Holes

Episode 3 - Is Time Travel Possible?

Episode 4- What Happened Before the Beginning?

Episode 5 - How Did We Get Here?

Episode 6 - Are We Alone?

Episode 7 - What Are We Really Made of?

Episode 8 - Beyond the Darkness?


Geiseric said...

Granted, I've only watched the first episode now, and I know NOTHING of physics or neurology, but it seems to me that the helmet; if not complete bunk, seems to indicate what Dr. Persinger alludes to..that our hunter gatherer brains had evolved this entire propensity to experience things non-existent as a defense mechanism toward death anxiety. Michael Shermer talks about a similar concept in the first chapter of "Why People Believe Weird Things", which I'm reading right now, and rather obsessed with.

I'm very frustrated with the presence of the Polkinghorne fellow, whose only purpose DOES seem to weakly give credence to the teleological argument in physics by nature of being a priest, AND a physicist. Its all rather tedious. I can't hope but help there is a better argument out there, its so easy to refute. How can people this smart be this foolish? They understand so much more than I do, yet cannot understand basic philosophical and/or positivist concepts..

I'm also rather bored by Morgan Freeman's commentary..

Sally said...

I've seen about 4 episodes of this. Obviously made for a broad audience, it's full of metaphors and fluff sequences - popular tv stuff.

The God helmet has actually been in other shows that might be familiar to some skeptics; Michael Shermer actually used it in his "Unexplained Mysteries" for an out-of-body-experience experiment.

Through the Wormhole is more for entertainment than edutainment. It's not like you get answers to the questions poses, but rather, you get an idea of what some people think about these questions and how they want to go about answering it.

bfg666 said...

"How can people this smart be this foolish?"
Well, that's the thing with belief: it is beyond all reason. Yet many of the greatest quantic theoreticians who were not especially believers have come to see divinity in the complexities of quantum theory.
In my opinion, it's just as foolish to blindly believe than to unconditionally reject the concept of God. It's impossible to prove it right or wrong, anyway.
The problem with believers is that they will take an unexplainable phenomenon, a feeling, a hallucination, even the Universe in itself, as proofs of God's existence while it's only what their name says it is: a belief...

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