Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christopher Hitchens vs Tony Blair - Religion Debate

I ripped off the full debate held in Toronto on November, 26. IMHO Tony Blair's arguments were pretty weak and he has lack of knowledge. I appreciate Christopher Hitchens' endeavour to spread the voice of reason to the mass under the circumstances.

Transcript here

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Jason said...

The YouTube videos kept getting taken down. I was hoping someone with rip this. You Sir are good man!

La Plume said...

You must have meant Tony Blair's ArgumenT, since he kept repeating the same thing during alllll the debate... Not counting that most of his arguments played in favor of Hitchens ( I mean he even used Ireland as an exemple of how religions brought people together can you believe it?).

Was fun seeing Hitchens though, hopes he'll get better. He completely crushed Blair in that one, I'm even amazed that Blair managed to get 32% of the votes.

landunter said...

hitchens let blair go away, though, with claiming einstein a god believer.. can you believe this?

i mean, we all know how ridiculous a claim this is - but on behalf of the greater audience gathered, hitchens should have replied to.

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