Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Richard Dawkins Speaking at Duke University

Richard Dawkins' lecture held at Duke University on October 3rd, 2010.

Download the full lecture [337 MB]:


abtem said...

hi , why there is no uploads on rapidshare any more ??

i hope that you upload on it again, cause i bought an account on rapidshare to download faster to spread the word of since.

thank you

wirraroo said...

Thanks for your great posts. I wonder if an audio only option could be considered for these type of posts. The video component doesn't enhance the subject matter much.

dw declare said...

for those interested. someone during the q & a asked dawkins about what he didn't like about a particular theory involving birds and insects evolving in a predator/prey "arms race". it's from growing up in the universe ep3 climbing mount improbable, where richard believes (as always because of the available evidence) that what drove the insects to better camouflage was simply that they happened to mimic their surroundings more effectively than some others (those who didn't get eaten by their predators, survived to leave more offspring). but what he didn't agree with was the possible theory that what allowed the insects to evolve into their current state of camouflage (say for example, a stick insect), was that the birds back then had to be more easily "fooled" by bugs who were only slightly camouflaged. richard says no, the birds were just as clever at spotting insects but the surroundings were different.

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