Friday, July 30, 2010

Is God Great? - Christopher Hitchens vs John Lennox

Christopher Hitchens, author of God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, debates Christian apologist and Oxford Professor John Lennox on idea of a creator and positive and negative aspects of religion.

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Pre-debate Discussion [664 MB - 00:49:28]

Personal Notes of Christopher Hitchens [3.34 MB]:

Is God Great Debate [1.5 GB - 01:53:25]:

The Dogma of Christ - Eric Fromm

"Fromm's The Dogma of Christ will perhaps be a title ignored by the anti-religious psychologist and social theorist, but it is the message hidden behind its title that provides some of the sharpest critical insights into how the contemporary world of human destructiveness and violence can no longer separate religion, psychology and politics. Erich Fromm today is a prophetic voice crying in the wilderness of neo-liberal ideology."
—Jeremy Carrette, University of Stirling

A little known collection which deserves a much wider readership, this reissue of The Dogma of Christ will enhance an already great man's reputation. In the title essay, Erich Fromm uses the tools of psychoanalysis to examine the development of the dogma of Christ in the context of social history. The remaining essays examine psychological and cultural problems with keen insight and humanistic sympathies. Amazon

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Atheist Comedy - Family Values

8: The Mormon Proposition (2010)

"Homosexuality is an ugly sin. Repugnant, like adultery and incest and beastiality, they carry the death penalty under mosaic law." -- Spencer W. Kimball, Mormon Prophet

8: The Mormon Proposition is a perfect example of "we are still living in the Dark Ages today". This simple, yet powerful documentary is not just centering on supporting same-sex marriage, but beautifully and clearly exposes that how religious bigotry along with dirty politics can be used against some minority of society and human rights. What's in the list? For starters, the Mormon teens are driven to suicide, for anti-gay campaigns, lobbying activities and teachings, the Mormon families are forced to donate thousands of dollars to the church, and don't forget the brutal treatment methods! Due to the disturbing content and brave filming 8: The Mormon Proposition has become my instant favorite. Don't miss this, and spread it out!

File Name ..........: 8.The.Mormon.Proposition.LIMITED.DVDRip.XviD-SUBMERGE.avi
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Video Length .......: 01:18:19

Anti-gay ads and propaganda of the Mormon Church:


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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God - Carl Sagan

Sagan, writing from beyond the grave (actually his new book, The Varieties of Scientific Experience, is an edited version of his 1985 Gifford Lectures), asks why, if God created the universe, he left the evidence so scant. He might have embedded Maxwell’s equations in Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Ten Commandments might have been engraved on the moon. "Or why not a hundred- kilometer crucifix in Earth orbit?… Why should God be so clear in the Bible and so obscure in the world?" He laments what he calls a "retreat from Copernicus," a loss of nerve, an emotional regression to the idea that humanity must occupy center stage. Scientific American

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Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex

In this recent lecture Matt Ridley explains how humans bring together their brains and enable their ideas to combine and recombine, to meet and to mate.

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P.S Subtitles made by me.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Evolution Is - Ernst Mayr

"What Evolution Is will be an ideal text in a course on evolution for non-biologists. Palaeontologists and anthropologists will welcome this book because of its emphasis on concepts and explanations. Ernst's lucid writing makes the subject of evolution accessible to any educated layperson."
Jared Diamond

At age 97, Ernst Mayr is one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century, and here he delivers yet another valuable addition to the field of evolutionary theory. Mayr, who was also a curator at the American Museum of Natural History for two decades, guides lay readers through evolutionary thought from the book of Genesis and creationist theory through Darwin's theories and "soft" evolution and on to more contemporary, inclusive concepts. He takes readers on a whirlwind voyage from the scala naturae (the Great Chain of Being, in which everything in the world was accorded a position in a developmental hierarchy) to Mayr's own work, which builds on Darwinian theory and environmental factors. No one but Mayr could explain evolution so well, and though the text is peppered with many scientific terms, overall the author is triumphant in his goal to teach "first and foremost... biologist or not, [anyone] who simply wants to know more about evolution." Publishers Weekly

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Welcome to This World

Prepare your children to face the truth!

The Genius of Charles Darwin: The Uncut Interviews

I released the 3-DVD set which contains 26 uncut interviews from The Genius of Charles Darwin. Total length is 1,103 minutes.

Here is the list of the participants:

Philosopher Daniel Dennett
Paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey
Bishop Bonifes Adoyo
Gay Activist Wayne Besen
Primatologist Frans de Waal
Biologist Craig Venter
Psychologist Steven Pinker
Archbishop Rowan Williams
Creationist John Mackay
Philosopher Peter Singer
Biologist Randolph Nesse
Religious Advisor Sean Casey
Creationist Wendy Wright
The Sperm Bank Women
Creationist Nick Cowan
Author Randal Keynes
Father George Coyne
Microbiologist Larry Gelmon
Biologist Jonathan Kingdon
Biologist Steven Rose
Economist Eric Beinhocker
The Science Class
The Science Teachers
The Sperm Bank Manager
The Charity Worker
Paleontologist Richard Hulbert

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Richard Dawkins Interviews Richard Hulbert

Richard Dawkins goes to a fossil site in the North America to meet paleontologist Richard Hulbert. They discuss the extinct animals of the Paleocene suchs as giant armadillos.

A short clip from the interview:

File size: 239 MB
Duration: 15m

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Richard Dawkins Interviews The Charity Worker

Dawkins meets a charity worker who helps homeless people at the 999 club in London.

File size: 125 MB
Duration: 7m

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Richard Dawkins Interviews The Sperm Bank Manager

Richard Dawkins gives us a chance to look inside of a sperm bank. A bright, neat and sterile place. He discusses sperm donation procedures and storage methods, regulations and selection preferences with Claus Rodgaard, the manager. Dawkins also cites that according to Darwinian perspective, donors must pay money because they pass their genes on without any trouble.

A short clip from the interview:

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Duration: 45m

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the Neo-Evolution

Dr. Eamonn F. Healy explains his ideas on the future of human evolution. Taken from the animated film called Waking Life.

Subtitled version:

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ - Philip Pullman (Unabridged Audiobook + E-book)

This is a story. In this ingenious and spell-binding retelling of the life of Jesus, Philip Pullman revisits the most influential story ever told. Charged with mystery, compassion and enormous power, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ throws fresh light on who Jesus was and asks the reader questions that will continue to resonate long after the final page is turned. For, above all, this book is about how stories become stories. Amazon

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[E-book - pdf/epub/mobi - 1.21 MB]

[Audiobook - 96 MB]

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Christopher Hitchens Reviews 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ'

Christopher Hitchens talks on Philip Pullman's recent book, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Richard Dawkins Interviews The Science Teachers

This time we look at the evolution from the teachers' viewpoint at Park High School. Richard Dawkins discusses problems of teaching evolution with them.

A short clip from the interview:

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Duration: 28m

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Richard Dawkins Interviews The Science Class

Richard Dawkins takes us to a science class at Park High School, and he answers the interesting questions of the students. Even so some of them still doubt evolution.

A short clip from the interview:

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Duration: 39m

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The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature - Steven Pinker

In his last outing, How the Mind Works, the author of the well-received The Language Instinct made a case for evolutionary psychology or the view that human beings have a hard-wired nature that evolved over time. This book returns to that still-controversial territory in order to shore it up in the public sphere. Drawing on decades of research in the "sciences of human nature," Pinker, a chaired professor of psychology at MIT, attacks the notion that an infant's mind is a blank slate, arguing instead that human beings have an inherited universal structure shaped by the demands made upon the species for survival, albeit with plenty of room for cultural and individual variation. For those who have been following the sciences in question including cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral genetics and evolutionary psychology much of the evidence will be familiar, yet Pinker's clear and witty presentation, complete with comic strips and allusions to writers from Woody Allen to Emily Dickinson, keeps the material fresh. Publishers Weekly

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Derren Brown Investigates (Episode 3) The Ghosthunter

Derren and Lou Gentile (a top American ghost hunter) take us on a journey into evidence of ghostly and demonic. They visit a woman who claimed that there is a ghost activity in her house. Lou Gentile also shows his archive: voices of dead people (some interference recorded by a machine), faces of the ghosts (just an ambiguous pattern in the mists. A good example for pareidolia), the footage of the people allegedly were possessed by demons. Derren consults the specialists to get some rational explanations for these phenomena.

Other Episodes: [1] [2] [3]

Related to: Science of Scams by Derren Brown

File Name ..........: Derren.Brown.Investigates.Part.3.The.Ghost.Hunter.WS.PDTV.XviD-PVR.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 350,82 MB
Video Length .......: 00:48:10

Derren Brown Investigates (Episode 2) The Man with X-Ray Eyes

Derren Brown goes to Europe with a blind British woman to investigate the Bronnikov method, a psychic system which claims that it helps to see without eyes. They signed up for a four-day course. Interestingly, during the pseudo scientific education, no one questions the reliability of Bronnikov's techniques, but students spend 2000 Euros for these pointless courses!

Finally Derren tries to test Borronikov himself but he blames Derren for having no scientific and basic knowledge. (What a smart-ass!)

Other Episodes: [1] [2] [3]

File Name ..........: Derren.Brown.Investigates.Part.2.The.Man.With.X-Ray.Eyes.WS.PDTV.XviD-C4TV.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 352,03 MB
Video Length .......: 00:48:22

Derren Brown Investigates (Episode 1) The Man Who Contacts The Dead

In this fascinating series famous British illusionist and skeptic, Derren Brown looks at the supernatural phenomena and the persons (one of them is Vyacheslav Bronnikov, the developer of the Bronnikov method) claiming to have paranormal abilities to debunk their arguments.

First, he visits a psychic medium, Joe Power who claims he can communicate with the dead, including John Lennon. Derren observes the medium very closely spending a few days with him and takes us to an expert to teach some cold reading techniques.

Other Episodes: [1] [2] [3]

Related to: The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading

File Name ..........: Derren.Brown.Investigates.Part.1.The.Man.Who.Contacts.The.Dead.WS.PDTV.XviD-PVR.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 549,79 MB
Video Length .......: 00:49:12

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience - Michael Shermer (2 Volume Set)

This two-volume set offers comprehensive data on pseudoscientific subjects such as the Shroud of Turin, alien abductions, astrology, bermuda triangle, crop circles, prayer and healing, including case studies, debates, scientific articles by important names such as Tim Callahan and James Randi. A must-have!

Related to: The Skeptic's Dictionary

File size: 8 MB
Format: pdf

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Man and Myth: Joseph Campbell Audio Collection

In this 5-part lecture series the prolific author and mastermind Joseph Campbell explores the origins of mythological symbols, tells the principle function of mythology for society and points to the significance of the monomyth which has been repeated by religions of different cultures at various times.

1. Interpreting Symbolic Forms
2. Mythic Visions
3. Experiencing the Divine
4. History of the Gods
5. The Religious Impulse

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Format: MP3, 153kbps

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Christianity Debate

Friday, July 2, 2010

PBS NOVA - The Last Great Ape (Bonobos)

"If we humans cannot protect our closest relatives, then we're in really desperate shape." Frans de Waal

One of our closest relatives, bonobos look like chimpanzees but they have more peaceful nature and sex plays an important role in their life, they are the "hippies of the primate world" as primatologist Frans de Waal (who also appears in the documentary) stated. Bonobos are matriarchal species, the females are dominant in families, even they share the food with each other to strength their social bonds. The most of these amazing creatures were slaughtered during the civil war in Congo and some experts try to find out the survivors. Check this brilliant film out!

File Name ..........: PBS.Nova.The.Last.Great.Ape.2007.HDTV.SoS.avi
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Video Length .......: 00:51:40

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