Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross - John M. Allegro

"What began as a hoax, became a trap even to those who believed themselves to be the spiritual heirs of the mystery religion and took to themselves the name of “Christian”. Above all they forgot, or purged from the cult and their memories, the one supreme secret on which their whole religious and ecstatic experience depended: the names and identity of the source of the drug, the key to heaven — the sacred mushroom. The fungus recognized today as the Amanita muscaria..."

Where did God come from? What do the Bible stories really tell us? Who or what was Jesus Christ? This book challenges everything we think we know about the nature of religion? The ancient fertility cult at the heart of Christianity? The living power of cultic rites and symbols? The sacred mushroom as the emblem and embodiment of divinity? The secret meaning of biblical myths? The language of religion that links us to our ancestors The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross sets out John Allegro's quest through a family tree of languages to find the truth about where Christianity came from. Amazon

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David said...

Dear AtheistMovies.
Thank you for everything you do for us :)

You are amazing.

freakclub said...

Atheistmovies: Is there a way that you could post here "Derren Brown the So-Called Messiah"? I think it's a great documentary and, considering its subject (Derren Brown faking his acts as a psychic, etc.), it would definitely make your followers very eager to watch it.


freakclub said...

Also, a high quality rip of this video will be greatly appreciated.=)

Druv said...

Thanks for the great post, i cant wait to read the book now.

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