Friday, February 4, 2011

Contradictions in the Bible

A visual representation that shows the huge number of contradictions in the Bible.

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e-learning said...

shame on you poor scientists.
when you die, you will see what you didn't believe.
You will go where you never expected.
you will desire to have believed in what you deny now.
You will struggle to escape, but it'll be too late!
God is Real and you are the illusion!

4estbar said...

Christian voodooOOoooooo
Be nice like Jesus so you can go to heaven :P
I plan on being a good person anyway so if I get asked to accept Christ after I die I'll be all like, "whoah dude, TOTALLY! Can you forgive me for not believing a word your crazy hypocritical followers said? YOU CAN!!? AWESOME! You really are a God of mercy, love, peace, and forgiveness!" Then I'll ride off into the sunset on my raptor giving high fives to everyone in heaven on the way to whatever blissful perfection awaits.

Mark L said...

e-learning: If "scientists" hadn´t invented penicillin for example nor advanced our knowledge in medicine you´d probably be dead right now.How about using Gods gift of reason for something better than writing stupid anonymous comments?

kynola said...

I like 4estbar's attitude! :)

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