Thursday, March 10, 2011

BBC Horizon - Are We Still Evolving?

We, humans, emerged some 200,000 years ago. About 60,000 years ago, we spread out from Africa. And since then, we've moved to every corner of the planet. But on the course of that journey, something incredible happened, something that means the normal rules of evolution may no longer apply to us. Advancements in science and medicine slowed down our evolution process. Physical anthropologist Alice Roberts searches for the clues that we are still changing. At the beginning of the program, she visits an abandoned mine to show natural selection in action. The earthworms here adapted to live in poisonous soil. She also meets geneticist Steve Jones, who is also known as the author of Almost Like a Whale.

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RevolutionaryBum said...

Thank you for posting yet another wonderful documentary ! It's quit a contrast from the BBC to the so called Science, History and Nature (NatGeo) channels here in the good old "christian founded" U.S.A. At least that what it seems their trying desperately to drill into peoples minds. It's about an even split between real science, history etc and the fake science, hyper conspiracy and of course neo-religious stuff, like the search for Sodom and Gomorrah, The "new" evidence of the shroud of Turin... and on and on and on... But I really shouldn't be at all surprised considering that Rupert Murdock owns most of the channels I'm speaking of !!! Ohhhhhh.... Sorry I guess I needed to vent a little =) Thanks again... P ///

dimas said...

wonderful, i've always thought that our evolution had been slow down because of the advancements of science that allows that the not-fit survive and reproduce. Science has stopped evolution. Thanks very good, and dr. Alice is very sweet and i love her accent.

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