Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christopher Hitchens - The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

"Is nothing sacred? Well, no...a witty, informative study in applied iconoclasm."
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What's next--The Girl Scouts: The Untold Story? How could anybody write a debunking book about Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity order? Well, in this little cruise missile of a book, Hitchens quickly establishes that the idea is not without point. After all, what is Mother Teresa doing hanging out with a dictator's wife in Haiti and accepting over a million dollars from Charles Keating? The most riveting material in the book is contained in two letters: one from Mother Teresa to Judge Lance Ito--then weighing what sentence to dole out to the convicted Keating--which cited all the work Keating has done "to help the poor," and another from a Los Angeles deputy D.A., Paul Turley, back to Mother Teresa that eloquently stated that rather than working to reduce Keating's sentence, she should return the money he gave her to its rightful owners, the defrauded bond-holders. (Significantly, Mother Teresa never replied.) And why do former missionary workers and visiting doctors consistently observe that the order's medical practices seem so inadequate, especially given all the money that comes in? (Hitchens acidly observes that on the other hand, Mother Teresa herself always manages to receive world-class medical care.) Hitchens's answer is that Mother Teresa is first and foremost interested not in providing medical treatment, but in furthering Catholic doctrine and--quite literally--becoming a saint. Amazon

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UPDATE! EPUB/MOBI versions of 2012 edition has been added.

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Pedronymous said...

Today it's his birthday! Hope there would be more birthdays still to come. Cheers for Hitch!

Benten said...

You can find a better version here:

bertiebirdman said...

Cheers Benten - The version put up on AM was terrible. Why don't authors simply release their back catalogue on ebook formats? Even those that are available in ebook formats are as expensive as some hardbacks. There are no transportation, storage, shop, etc. costs.

mirex said...

"Regarding the book's title with its sexual double meaning, Hitchens said, "it was either that or Sacred Cow, and I thought Sacred Cow would be in bad taste."

mirex said...

alternative -


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