Friday, June 3, 2011

BBC - Everything and Nothing: Everything

As in What is Reality? and To Infinity and Beyond, BBC is continuing to deal with the profound questions with a recent two-part series: Everything and Nothing.

In the first film Professor Al-Khalili tells the astonishing story of how we gazed upwards from our isolated and unremarkable vantage point and began to deduce the shape, size and origin of everything that there is. It's the story of how we came to understand reality at the largest scale. It's the story of everything.

Other episode: BBC - Nothing

File size: 1.45 GB



Tween said...

File size is very big! We are on very low speed connection and we would appreciate it if you could upload a lower file size version.
Could you encode it in BoB format? That would be fantastic!
Anyhow, thanks for the video!

Nico said...

Thanks for the 500mb version! Much appreciated! And thanks for the vi also!!

Tween said...

Thanks in advance!
We really appreciate it.

codien said...

Was a very good video. Worth the watch. Thanks for posting this.
You can view it on YouTube here if the 500mb file is too big:

Anonymous said...

Hello, any link work!
Please, could you upload them again?

Thank you very much for your attention!

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