Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ask Sam Harris Anything Video Pack

Sam Harris answers questions from Reddit. I brought together 16 videos in one pack. The package also includes one-hour video which contains some of the questions in short clips but not all of them.

- Why Sam Harris Wrote The Moral Landscape?
- Why Sam Harris Wrote The End of Faith?
- Future Research on Belief with Sam Harris?
- What Will Maximize Well-Being with Sam Harris?
- Morality in the Animal Rights Debate with Sam Harris?
- Why Sam Harris Wrote Letter to a Christian Nation?
- Communism as a Religion with Sam Harris?
- MDMA Caution with Sam Harris?
- Arguments Against The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris?
- Practical Goals For Pro-Reason Activists with Sam Harris?
- My Security Concerns with Sam Harris?
- Can You Reason Someone Out of Their Beliefs with Sam Harris?
- Can You Defend Eating Meat with Sam Harris?
- Transcendence and Spirituality with Sam Harris?
- Insight Into Practicing Meditation with Sam Harris?
- Ask Sam Harris Anything #1 (One-hour video)

File size: 989 MB

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Bijan said...

thanks for the new videos

btw love the new theme ;)

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