Friday, July 8, 2011

BBC - Planet of the Apemen: Battle for Earth (2011)

 Once upon a time, we humans shared the world with the other human species, such as Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis (and Homo floriensis but that is not the subject of the documentary). Planet of the Apemen explains how we dominated the Earth and outcompeted other advanced species, using the advantage of the language to spread the technology from one population to another, and one man to another man like a mind virus, creating sophisticated weapons like spears and slingshots and thanks to our frontal lobe, it helped us to make complex planning. The film doesn't tell how other two human species became extinct but shows both erectus and neanderthal are in conflict with humans all the time. Although the stories are interesting, the dramatisation is not neutral, for example, erectus is portrayed like a malicious barbarian and I suspect that humans regarded neanderthals as monsters. If these Hollywood-style action sequences don't bother you, science part is still worth watching, and you can listen to the opinions of eminent scientists such as Matt Riddley.


[Episode 1: Homo Erectus - 701 MB]

[Episode 2: Neanderthal - 701 MB]

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Krokben said...

According to a very recent study (published June 29, 2011) Homo sapiens actually never coexisted with Homo erectus. Homo erectus was thought to have lived on in Indonesia for a much longer time than most other regions, but according to the new study they went extinct in Indonesia at a time much closer to their demise in much of the rest of the world - probably around 550 000 years ago and surely no later than 143 000 years ago, which is much to early for them to have coexisted with Homo sapiens who came to the region around 40 000 years ago.

Just thought I'd mention it. :) Thanks for posting the documentary.

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