Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sex in a Cold Climate (1998)

 "I always said if there was a just God in heaven, we wouldn't have suffered like that." —Phyllis Valentine, one of the victims of the Magdalene Asylum

Sex in a Cold Climate documents the testimony of four women who sexually and cruelly were abused in the Magdalene Asylum (the name comes from a biblical figure, Mary Magdalene) run by Catholic nuns in Ireland. When the documentary first aired, it was watched by nearly three million people and encouraged hundreds of women who abused in the Asylums (a real hell for children) to reveal themselves. Aside from the film the Magdalene Sisters, which was inspired by the documentary, it's far more shocking to listen to the real victims and realize that how memories of these horrific events haunted them and affected and shattered their later life.

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James Martin said...

Now, now, let's not chastise the Roman Church perhaps to the extent it was recently; after all, your books cannot be examined because the Vatican enjoys diplomatic immunity. This, the Pop converts into Newspeak: our Priests enjoy our protection and each is a citizen of the Vatican.

Unknown said...

wupload has removed this file. Most of your links I hve tried say the same message! Also rapidshit is impossible for free users now so your site is not so useful :(
Please upload to mediafire or elsewhere !!!

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