Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion - Scott Atran

"In Gods We Trust is by far the best exploration so far of the evolutionary basis of religious behavior."
—James Fox, Prof of Anthropology, Stanford University

How do we explain the cultural hold of religion throuhout history? Why are supernatural concepts culturally universal? What do biology, psychology, anthropolog, and cognitive neuroscience have to tell us about the religios differences and similarities among different cultural groups? How is it that religious explanations of natural phenomena have had a greater hold on our collective imagination than most political, economic, and scientific accounts?

In this groundbreaking and highly interdisciplinary book, Scott Atran addresses these questions and more as he attempts to map the evolutionary landscape of religion. From the book

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, btw there is a new 4 episode Canadian documentary series that focuses on Sex scandals in religion.

The episodes are posted in FULL on that site but unfortunately you have to be a Canadian resident to view them. If you know of any way to bypass this please let me know, I would like to see this also, especially the Eddie Long episode.

Anonymous said...

From the "Home" page, click on one of the full episode links on the right. Then, instead of using the embedded player, view the page source and search for "'file'" including the single quotes, for a youtube link that doesn't care what cuontry you're in.

Anonymous said...

Grr, that works for the first 3 eps with the black youtube player. 4 is on a white livestream player. Livestream still cares.

1 In the Name of Ayatollah

2 Wall of Silence

3 In the Name of Enlightenment

4 In the Name of the Lord

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to the first 3 episodes.

Its really unfortunate that we can't see the 4th and probably the best one though.

There's nothing better than seeing a homophobic, millionaire, mega-church christian bigot get exposed as a pedophile

Top Movies said...

I really trust these things.I love to express through Landscape usually.It means a lot to me..

Anonymous said...

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