Saturday, December 3, 2011

Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election


SShendeR said...

Sorry Penn,

Obama's faith is as relevant now as Gorbachev's lack thereof. The fixation on looking at everything through the "is he an atheist or not" spectacles mimics the same close mindedness we deride in people of faith.

Obama should not get a second term not based on his thoughts or motives but based on his actions. I am not too familiar with US domestic nuances, but I do know that his foreign policy has been a disaster and will be remembered as the beginning of the end of America.

Xavier De Decker said...

1) Thomas Henry Huxley was called "Darwin's Bulldog".
2) Maybe I'm too much of a political thinker, but Ingersoll is often referred to as agnostic/a freethinker. I'd like for him to have been an atheist. But I don't think he was. One reason is that he gave a lecture "Why I am an agnostic".
I personally believe 'gnosis' is about knowledge and therefore an epistemic point of view, not a theological one. Therefor I think people who call themselves agnostic don't get 'it'. But I'm not going to call them atheists so they'd fit in my category. I understand if you're being lazy/political/short on time (within 20 minutes, you have to talk in soundbites) you don't want to introduce words like anti-theist or other nuances.
3) Working on the Sabbath is okay according to Jesus Christ. He healed a lot of sick people on those days (called miracles by the writers of the gospels). But I suppose this statement could lead to a theological debate and that's not what's entailed one somebody says they believe the bible is literally true.

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