Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens

"A great polemicist compellingly, effectively, sometimes bullyingly, attacks all gods and religions."
The Globe and Mail

"Electric and electrifying... high-spirited... [Hitchens] has a mind like a Swiss Army knife, ready to carve up or unbolt an opponent's arguments with a flick of the wrist."
New York Times

From one of the most admired public intellectuals of our time, and a multi-award winning and #1 bestselling author, comes a collection of his most important and controversial essays on the theme of culture and politics and how the two relate. Amazon

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Magic of Reality - Richard Dawkins (Unabridged Audiobook)

"I wanted to write this book but I wasn't clever enough. Now I've read it, I am"
—Ricky Gervais

"Exhilarating. The clearest and most beautifully written introduction to science I've ever read. Again and again I found myself saying "Oh! So that's how genes work!" (or stars, or tectonic plates, or all the other things he explains). Explanations I thought I knew were clarified; things I never understood were made clear for the first time. My favourite adjective of praise has always been "clear", and this book has clarity all the way through."
—Philip Pullman, author of The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ and the His Dark Materials trilogy

Throughout history people all over the world have invented stories to answer profound questions such as these. Have you heard the tale of how the sun hatched out of an emu's egg? Or what about the great catfish that carries the world on its back? Has anyone ever told you that earthquakes are caused by a sneezing giant? These fantastical myths are fun – but what is the real answer to such questions?

The Magic of Reality, with its explanations of space, time, evolution and more, will inspire and amaze listeners of all ages - young adults, adults, children, octogenarians.This book presents the real story of the world around us, taking us on an enthralling journey through scientific reality, and showing that it has an awe-inspiring beauty and thrilling magic which far exceed those of the ancient myths.

Read by Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward. Also available in hardback, fully illustrated by Dave McKean. Amazon

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ledge (2011)

The Ledge has been called the Brokeback Mountain for atheists, but that's not exactly true. Although there is a conflict between faith and reason, the film is a human drama revolving around tragic stories. Sure, it should be appreciated to offer an intelligent, and arguably likable (and talkative) atheist main character (and it doesn't cheat the viewer on this one) but the film never goes to deep, only presents the common arguments. So some arguments from the atheist side are a bit cliche and their only purpose is to serve the schematic writing. Not only dialogues, such as tender gay housemate of the main character is a stereotypical, and it's there for the homophobic neighbour. Luckily, some humor and small touches do the job well. A fundamentalist as an antagonist makes both main characters too much black and white and makes the plot unrealistic. However the film tells that atheist or not, we all are the victims of our miserable lives and even a non-believer can save the day!

So if you watched it, what do you think?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos - Brian Greene (Audiobook + E-book)

From the best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos comes his most expansive and accessible book to date—a book that takes on the grandest question: Is ours the only universe?

Greene, one of our foremost physicists and science writers, takes us on a captivating exploration of these parallel worlds and reveals how much of reality’s true nature may be deeply hidden within them. And, with his unrivaled ability to make the most challenging of material accessible and entertaining, Greene tackles the core question: How can fundamental science progress if great swaths of reality lie beyond our reach?

Sparked by Greene’s trademark wit and precision, The Hidden Reality is at once a far-reaching survey of cutting-edge physics and a remarkable journey to the very edge of reality—a journey grounded firmly in science and limited only by our imagination. Amazon

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Introduction to The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins' new book The Magic of Reality will be out on September 15, 2011. In the book Dawkins answers the essential questions about life such as "what is the Sun?", "who was the first person?" and everything else. Each chapter begins with myths about the subject and then it is explained the science behind them. It looks fun to read for both kids and adults! I personally wonder Dave McKean's illustrations.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

How We Believe: Science, Skepticism, and the Search for God - Michael Shermer

"This book will convince and delight all who are not chronically averse to opening their minds and thinking for themselves."
—Richard Dawkins

"Well-researched, comprehensive, and persuasive. How We Believe is especially notable in stressing the great power of narration as the vehicle of complex thought."
—Edward O. Wilson, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Consilience

Shermer, who teaches critical thinking at Occidental College and is perhaps best known as the director of the Skeptics Society and publisher of Skeptic magazine, approaches religion not primarily as a delusion to be debunked but as a phenomenon to be explained. Shermer wonders why religious belief, traditional theistic belief in particular, remains widespread in contemporary America, confounding expectations that progress in science and technology should bring a corresponding decline in faith. One way to discover why people believe is to ask them, and Shermer has compiled original survey data to support his analysis. One noteworthy finding is that, although theists tend to explain their own faith in rational terms (e.g., observing design in nature or a pattern of God's activity in daily life), they explain the theistic beliefs of "most other people" primarily in emotional or pragmatic terms (e.g., faith brings comfort and hope). Shermer maintains that while believers' first-person awareness is misleading, their third-person perspective gets it right: religion can be explained quite adequately in functional terms. He reviews a range of theories from anthropology, evolutionary psychology and cognitive science that analyze religion as a means to social harmony or psychological stability. Amazon

P.S Thanks Spoff for the link.

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