Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Statesman - 19 December 2011-01 January 2012 (Christmas Double Issue)

2011 New Statesman Christmas special is guest-edited by Richard Dawkins. The issue also includes the Dawkins' interview with Christopher Hitchens. The other contributers of this issue are Sam Harris, Daniel C. Dennett, Philip Pullman, Carolyn Porco and Maryam Namazie.

An extract from the Hitchens' last interview:

"Never be afraid of stridency"

Dawkins - One of my main beefs with religion is the way they label children as a "Catholic child" or a "Muslim child". I've become a bit of a bore about it.
Hitchens - You must never be afraid of that charge, any more than stridency.
Dawkins -  I will remember that.
Hitchens - If I was strident, it doesn't matter - I was a jobbing hack, I bang my drum. You have a discipline in which you are very distinguished. You've educated a lot of people; nobody denies that, not even your worst enemies. You see your discipline being attacked and defamed and attempts made to drive it out.
Stridency is the least you should muster . . . It's the shame of your colleagues that they don't form ranks and say, "Listen, we're going to defend our colleagues from these appalling and obfuscating elements."

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