Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Faith Healers - James Randi

Randi is a conjuror who has done much to expose spoon-benders, remote viewers, "telepaths" and others who, perhaps through insufficient self-knowledge, have bilked the public with claims at the boundaries of science. 

In this book, which can properly be described as tirade, Randi turns his attention to faith-healers. He has done more than anyone else in recent times to expose pretension and fraud in this lucrative business. He sifts refuse, reports gossip, listens in on the stream of "miraculous" information coming to the faith healernot by inspiration from God, but by radio from the preacher's wife backstage; he challenges the reluctant clergymen to provide any serious evidence for the validity of their claims; he invites local and federal governments to enforce the laws against fraud and medical malpractice; he chastises the news media for their studied avoidance of the issue. He shows concern for the sick who are being bilked and remorse that, even after they've been taken to the cleaners, they will acknowledge that they've been bilked. 

Randi is rambling, anecdotal, crotchety, and ecumenically offensive. He raises questions that many of us would prefer not to consider. But I think it is important that we pay attention. Carl Sagan

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