Friday, February 17, 2012

Secrets of the Psychics with James Randi

"A lot of people hate my skepticism, and I think I understand why. The psychics offer wonders and endless possibilities in a world that often seems difficult and mundane. They promise health, wealth, wisdom, eternal life. But if you examine the record, it's not the psychics but the hard-nosed scientists who have actually delivered the things that improve human life. And, to me, science describes a world far more interesting than any psychic fantasy. It's a good world - not perfect - but it's ours. So we'd better learn to live with it, the way it is." 
James Randi

Magician James Randi (aka The Amazing Randi) as a skeptic investigates a wide range of paranormal claims like spoon bending and palm reading and exposes the hoaxes of pyschics such as famous Uri Geller, televangelist Peter Popoff. There is also interesting tests regarding to astrology, mind-reading and charged water.

This rare documentary is a special contribution to our blog by a reader. Thanks to Terry.

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antifuffa83 said...

Hey thanks Terry for this ^^ and the blog! Bye.

Anonymous said...

kindly upload on some other site, rapidshare has downed its transfer rats

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