Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some of the Youtube's popular atheist procuders' personal perspectives about life, death and the afterlife.


John Doe said...

So many atheist arguments can be summed up as:

1. Enjoy your life right now, don't worry about death.


2. Death actually gives meaning and urgency to life, makes it more precious.

But what about all those masses of suffering, ill, or extremely poor people? What about people who suffer agonizingly their entire existence, and will never experience anything good? What about severe depression, or cripling physical disease? You can't just say to such people that they should enjoy life without hope.

Atheism alone doesn't offer any hope. To say that you should accept that "this life" is all you will ever have is simply not good enough. Not any more, in the world of exciting technological developements with potential to dramatically extend life, cure diseases and even transcend biology itself.

Science can offer great hope to those who are not living to their full potential right now, and I think atheists should emphasize that fact more often than just repeat nonsense like: "be satisfied with what you have".

Dawkins, for example, in his books and documentaries, constantly wanders why more people don't realize how rich and fascinating real world is, and asks: "How much more do you want?"

Well, not everyone is a happy, sucessfull and wealthy scientist whose life is dominated by joy, curiosity and strong motivation.

People are not born equal, and equal chances are an illusion, and it will stay that way until biotechnology provides everyone with equal abilities, including ability to enjoy life.

Unknown said...

That is never going to happen. You can extend life all you want, you are still going to die. Likewise, scarcity of resources and individual differences in personality and psychology will never allow everyone to have "equal abilities, including ability to enjoy life." To do such a thing, you would have to manufacture standardized humanoid robots, which is simply rubbish.

Unknown said...
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dipsao said...

it's Cristina Rad in 2'26-2'38, isn't it?

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