Monday, July 16, 2012

Experimental Evolution: Concepts, Methods, and Applications of Selection Experiments - Theodore Garland, Jr. & Michæl R. Rose

"Will surely be of interest to researchers looking for new ways to ask evolutionary questions. . . . This book, almost encyclopedic in its breadth, will provide a valuable entree for those thinking about carrying out an experimental evolution study. . . . For any problem under consideration, this book will lead one quickly and thoroughly into a fascinating literature, and will help one to carry out well-designed experiments."—Bioscience

Includes an article by Douglas J. Futuyma

Experimental approaches to evolution provide indisputable evidence of evolution by directly observing the process at work. Experimental evolution deliberately duplicates evolutionary processes--forcing life histories to evolve, producing adaptations to stressful environmental conditions, and generating lineage splitting to create incipient species.

This unique volume summarizes studies in experimental evolution, outlining current techniques and applications, and presenting the field's full range of research--from selection in the laboratory to the manipulation of populations in the wild. It provides work on such key biological problems as the evolution of Darwinian fitness, sexual reproduction, life history, athletic performance, and learning. Amazon

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Format: pdf

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