Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Bless America (2011)

I confess this movie was an unexpected discovery for me. I had no information about it until watching the hilarious trailer on 9gag and be sure the movie is great as the trailer's itself. The movie is centering on a middle aged, divorced man, Frank who hates his annoying neighbors, stupid and exploitive TV shows and all kinds of bullshit. After Frank learns that he has a brain tumor, he decides to resolve the whole problems with his very own style!

He grabs his gun, steals his recless neighbour's car and hits the road. After he's done with his first target, he teams up with 16 year-old Roxy also hates the corrupt society, they start to kill everybody who deserves to die including Tea-Party members who protest Parkinsons' sufferers, religious racist and anti-gay groups or  the people who make noise in the cinema etc. It's a dark humour and instantly reminds you Natural Born Killers. Anyway, no more words. Watching the trailer is enough.

PS In one scene we see Jesus Camp poster behind the ticket booth. I think it's purposeful and it may hint the ideas of the director.

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend another Bobcat Goldthwaite movie called "World's Greatest Dad." Enjoy!

SShendeR said...

Actually, this movie proved to be a big disappointment to me. What started out as a promising concept and plot, was entirely ruined half way through the movie when it slides into a cliched portrayal of very particular parts of the population. The scene with the TV talk show host is exceptionally stupid.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree with the previous comment... A very poor movie. Nice idea, but...

In a similar vein, and a much better movie: "Falling Down" directed by Joel Schumacher with Michael Douglas and Robert Duval.

BlindW@cher said...

Falling Down is a well written and directed film and there are some minor similarities between GBA but they are different films in terms of their political message.

TPO said...

I really liked this movie at first because I share the main characters disgust with the downward spiral of American culture but the more I reflected upon it the more I found it a bit unsettling the way he and his teenage sidekick so causally take the lives of other human beings. I mean sure, these are terrible people they are taking out but I don’t think any of them had actually done anything so horrible that they deserved to be murdered. I mean, were they beyond change at some point in their lives?

I know I’m probably starting to over-think this film but if the main character was a Tea Party member who went on a killing spree murdering abortion providers, liberal media personalities like Michael Moore, gays and gay rights advocates, OWS protesters, atheist rights advocates like Richard Dawkings, ect… would I not be appalled and outraged?

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, maybe for some of you who would be interested in an anti religious type of movie, I recommend the thriller called "Frailty". If you like mystery, psychology, a few taugh scenes and a lot of deconstruction of the God idea watch this film. I liked it a lot for its subject and for the fact that it makes you think even after you watched it for quite a while.

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