Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Intellectual Impostures - Alan Sokal & Jean Bricmont

"A splendid book."
Richard Dawkins

"The exposure of ignorance, pomposity and pseudo-science in this book are truly breathtaking."
Sunday Telegraph

In Intellectual Imposteurs, Alan Sokal, the author of Beyond the Hoax, and Jean Bricmont contend that abuse of science is rampant in postmodernist circles, both in the form of inaccurate and pretentious invocation of scientific and mathematical terminology and in the more insidious form of epistemic relativism. When Sokal and Bricmont expose Jacques Lacan's ignorant misuse of topology, or Julia Kristeva's of set theory, or Luce Irigaray's of fluid mechanics, or Jean Baudrillard's of non-Euclidean geometry, they are on safe ground; it is all too clear that these virtuosi are babbling.
Their discussion of epistemic relativism--roughly, the idea that scientific and mathematical theories are mere "narrations" or social constructions--is less convincing, however, in part because epistemic relativism is not as intrinsically silly as, say, Regis Debray's maunderings about Gödel, and in part because the authors' own grasp of the philosophy of science frequently verges on the naive. Nevertheless, Sokal and Bricmont are to be commended for their spirited resistance to postmodernity's failure to appreciate science for what it is. Amazon

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Anonymous said...

Totally Classic Book I've heard about.

Anonymous said...

Can you get this on .mobi?


Anonymous said...

Download Calibre ebook manager and you can convert epub/pdf etc to mobi and vice versa :)

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