Saturday, September 1, 2012

National Geographic - I Escaped A Cult (2012)

They joined the cult because they believed this is God's call, but their life turned into a nightmare

I Escaped A Cult takes viewers a journey to discover disturbing and horrific stories of three people who escaped from cults with extreme beliefs, one is a Mormon sect which practice polygamy and the other one is Free Love Ministries, a militant cult which prepare for a war against Satanic forces. We take an in-depth look at inhumane practices of these cults including brainwashing, isolation, child abuse, and even molestation.

Release Name: National.Geographic.I.Escaped.A.Cult.CONVERT.HDTV.x264-TASTETV     
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Size...............: 213 MB


SShendeR said...

What strikes me the most is the constant repetition of the women that they had no choice but to stay there and keep subjecting their loved once to torment and misery, which sounds like an excuse to me.

All our lives we're presented with choices, and while some are tremendously hard to make, it is nonetheless within our capacity and not doing so, is not an excuse.

Jukimt said...

No, you don't understand. Victims of domestic abuse often believe it is their fault for inciting their husbands and the abuser reinforces this misconception. The victim is isolated from supporters and and their sole emotional attachment is with their abuser. Mothers may fear for their children's wellbeing. And finally, there's cognitive dissonance, shame for having devoted so much emotion, time, and resources to a relationship "they themselves" could not make work. Saying that all this is just part of an excuse is extremely destructive. The victims already think that their abuse is their fault. They see themselves as bad people and think that they deserve this treatment. I would say that no, escape will not happen until something drastically changes in their life.

Kris said...

After living in Utah for years (even down the street from the Allred family compound in SLC for a time), I found myself in a convenience store in Front Royal, VA last night, surrounded by a flux of Amish kids--all suspendered farm boys and homespun, bonnetted girls. And I found myself wondering what life those kids (especially those girls) might enjoy in a healthy, sane environment. Sad days.

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