Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Evolution of God - Robert Wright (Audiobook + E-book)

"Wright makes it clear that he is tracking people’s conception of the divine, not the divine itself. He describes this as “a good news/bad news joke for traditionalist Christians, Muslims and Jews.” The bad news is that your God was born imperfect. The good news is that he doesn’t really exist."
—The New York Times

In his illuminating book, The Moral Animal, Wright introduced evolutionary psychology and examined the ways that the morality of individuals might be hard-wired by nature rather than influenced by culture. With this book, he expands upon that work, turning now to explore how religion came to define larger and larger groups of people as part of the circle of moral consideration.

Using a na├»ve and antiquated approach to the sociology and anthropology of religion, Wright expends far too great an effort covering well-trod territory concerning the development of religions from primitive hunter-gatherer stages to monotheism. He finds in this evolution of religion, however, that the great monotheistic (he calls them Abrahamic, a term not favored by many religion scholars) religions—Christianity, Islam, Judaism—all contain a code for the salvation of the world. Using game theory, he encourages individuals in these three faiths to embrace a non–zero-sum relationship to other religions, seeing their fortunes as positively correlated and interdependent and then acting with tolerance toward other religions. Regrettably, Wright's lively writing unveils little that is genuinely new or insightful about religion. Publishers Weekly

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Anonymous said...

Real Quality post, thx :)

Mauricio said...

The author isn't atheist, I just don't wanna spend my time reading brillant thoughts with wrong conclusions

Anonymous said...

such is life

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mauricio !
I think the same !
With my best regards,

BlindW@cher said...

Robert Wright is an agnostic (such as Bertrand Russell) and non-atheist authors can be brilliant ideas also. No body force you to read it and there is no such a ridiculous rule that I only post "atheist author's books" on here (such as Bertrand Russell).

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