Friday, November 23, 2012

Sex, Death and The Meaning of Life - Episode 3 - Richard Dawkins

Religious people believe that there is an ultimate plan and without God there is no meaning in this life. Some of the greatest minds in history, such as Graham Greene, have battled depression and even toyed with suicide, struggling to answer the ultimate question that we all face: "What's the point?"

In the last episode of the three-part series, Richard Dawkins attempts to answer the question which is most often asked after his lectures: "Why do you bother to get up in the morning?" He goes from an abbey and to casinos of Las Vegas to understand how both religious and non-religious people struggle to find meaning in life. He meets comedian and atheist Ricky Gervais to learn his personal views on the subject.

PS. There is no HD version yet, sorry.

Watch other episodes: [1] | [2] 

Subtitles: English
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Anonymous said...

happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

I've found a new Atheist themed series that focuses on the concept of so called "Sin"

However it seems to be only viewable in Canada. If one of our Canadians atheist brethren here could upload it for the rest of us it would be greatly appreciated

Turkish said...

is there any chance of re upping it on something different than rapidshare? they have changed their rules and people only get a certain amount of traffic... this just happened a few weeks ago...

when i try to download, it says "uploaders traffic exhausted"

its not just you .. everyone is going thru these problems... myself and my files included... thanks for all the links btw
great site

Anonymous said...

Please upload it again or to another site, the Rapidshare link is not downloading anymore.
Thank you !

Jesus Zamora Bonilla said...

My definition proposal for "atheist", in Wiki Portal:

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