Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Updates #2 (12nd January 2013)

I continue to reup the dead links on old posts or to add them alternative links. As I said before, I preferred Zippyshare for small files and Uloz for large files. Also, I highly recommend using Jdownloader to make everything easier. If you have any requests, please tell me, so I can add them to next reup post.

BBC - Everything and Nothing: Nothing

Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus (2006)

Beautiful Minds: Professor Richard Dawkins 

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything - Christopher Hitchens (Audiobook)

The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster - Bobby Henderson (Unabridged Audiobook)

The Religion Virus: Why We Believe in God - Craig James

Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy - David Ramsay Steele

Michael Shermer - The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense - Scientific American

The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism - Ardea Skybreak

God, the Devil, and Darwin: A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory - Niall Shanks, Richard Dawkins

The Atheist's Bible: An Illustrious Collection of Irreverent Thoughts

The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture - Darrel W. Ray

Atheism: A Very Short Introduction - Julian Baggini

The Cambridge Companion to Atheism - Michael Martin

Romantic Atheism: Poetry and Freethought - Martin Priestman

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything - Christopher Hitchens

The Path of Reason: A Philosophy of Nonbelief - Bruce A. Smith

Atheist Manifesto (In Defense of Atheism): The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam - Michel Onfray

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the "Original Jesus" a Pagan God? - Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

GOD: The Failed Hypothesis - How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist - Victor J. Stenger

The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason - Victor J. Stenger

Quantum Gods: Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness - Victor J. Stenger

The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning: Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us - Victor J. Stenger

The Atheist Book - Salvatore Pertutti 


Anonymous said...

Hello, I tried to download the documentaries "BBC - Everything and Nothing" but the links don't work.

Could you, please, upload them again?

Thanks for your attention.

Anonymous said...

As always, thx for your efforts. It sure sux that RS went down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your effort. it is much appreciated.

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