Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sense and Goodness Without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism - Richard Carrier

If God does not exist, then what does? Is there good and evil, and should we care? How do we know what's true anyway? And can we make any sense of this universe, or our own lives? Sense and Goodness without God answers all these questions in lavish detail, without complex jargon. A complete worldview is presented and defended, covering every subject from knowledge to art, from metaphysics to morality, from theology to politics. Topics include free will, the nature of the universe, the meaning of life, and much more, arguing from scientific evidence that there is only a physical, natural world without gods or spirits, but that we can still live a life of love, meaning, and joy.

Dr. Richard Carrier is an established historian and philosopher and former editor-in-chief of the Secular Web, and he draws on his extensive experience for over ten years defending the worldview of naturalism as well as his formal studies in the history of science, religion and philosophy. Amazon

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languishedutopi said...

Thanks. I loved Richard Carrier's "Are Christians Delusional" lecture at skepticom.

I Also love this frikkin blog (Long time follower, its exposed me to many books/films I would have otherwise not discovered.)

I don't know if you're already aware or not but there's a 3 part atheist documentary that focuses on so called "Sin" called "The Science of Sin". Unfortunately it's only viewable in Canada so we poor folks in the states have to miss out on it. If any of you tech nerds reading this knows how to bypass those restrictions please upload it to this blog. I tried using an Canadian IP address but that failed to work.

The youtube

Thanks in advance to anyone with any help

jorge said...

Do you have the audiobook?

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