Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cain - José Saramago

"He got ahead of us; he is ahead of us. His work belongs to our future."
—Ursula K. Le Guin

An extraordinary retelling of the Old Testament by a Nobel laureate and outspoken atheist who conflicts with the Catholic Church due to his books

In this, his last novel, José Saramago daringly reimagines the characters and narratives of the Old Testament through the story of Cain.

Condemned to wander forever after he kills Abel, Cain is whisked around in time and space. He experiences the almost-sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Joshua at the battle of Jericho, Job's ordeal, and finally Noah's ark and the Flood. And over and over again Cain encounters an unjust, even cruel God. A startling, beautifully written, and powerful book, Cain is in all ways fitting end to Saramago's extraordinary career. From the back cover 

[E-book - pdf/epub/mobi - 2 MB]


[Audiobook - MP3, 64 kbps - 147 MB]

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Anonymous said...

interesting, thx.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is only the first half of the book. Do you happen to have the rest. Thank you in any case.

BlindW@cher said...

What do you mean? It's the full book. It consists of 13 chapters.

Anonymous said...

Ups, sorry for not being clearer: the E-book is OK, the audiobook seems to be only the first half.

BlindW@cher said...

I checked its last chapter, I don't think it's only the first half of the book.

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